SONar emily and payload station

Provides high resolution bottom imagery for locating drowning victims, submerged vehicles and sunken boats.

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Key features:

Side Scan Sonar

  • Hummingbird ION Side Scan, dual beam and single beam imaging SONAR 
  • Touch screen SONAR control station with WIFI, HDMI, SD Card, & USB
  • Control station has internal battery, or can run on AC or car/boat adaptor
  • SONAR imagery has 400 meter range from EMILY to ground station
  • Live SONAR data video from camera to smart phone or laptop PC 
  • Maximizes sonar resolution through thermoclines and other water column interference
  • Allows for adjusting the bottom TVG without amplifying water column interference
  • 3 colour palettes provide even more flexibility on the water to deal with overcast or full-sun conditions. 


  • 15kg weight
  • 1.3 metres long
  • Self-righting
  • 18 knot dash speed
  • Duration: 8-9 hours at 1.7 knots in calm water
  • 1.5 KW motor
  • Waterproof internal modular components 


  • Ergonomic rubberized grab handles
  • Night navigation lights
  • Quick change battery 
  • Three tow line D-Rating attachment
  • Custom labels
  • Fast smart chargers
  • Frequency hopping 2.4GHZ transmitter controller
  • 1.3 meter flag
  • Grab rope around perimeter