High Resolution Data Review

Ensure Complete Coverage

Easy Graphics for Reporting - Google Earth Compatible

SAR HAWKTM software elevates economical Humminbird sonar to a professional target aquisition and mapping tool. Designed to operate exclusively with Humminbird® sonar data, the software is highly automated and easy to use.

SAR HAWKTM software was designed with the Search and Rescue professional in mind.  Automated, easy to use and yet provides the operator with the ability to review and process Humminbird data. The sonar images are very simply easier to read and analyze on a large monitor back at the command center.

" In SAR HAWK I can see details not visible on the Humminbird screen. "       

Captain Steve Nagiewicz, Stockton University

Marking and examining targets on the fly under field conditions does not always provide the best opportunity to locate difficult targets such as drowning victims. No search is complete until the data has been reviewed onshore under controlled conditions. SAR HAWKTM software provides the user with the ability to mark and measure targets while also highlighting every instance your sonar passed the contact.

SAR HAWKTM allows the operator to scroll through data on a large screen for maximum resolution to easily identify targets. When a target is marked, SAR HAWKTM automatically assigns a target number and generates a contact snippet with coordinates. Each contact can be renamed, measured and annotated. Have a tricky target on a cluttered bottom with multiple passes and finding it hard to identify the target on each pass? No problem with SAR HAWKTM. Every view of each contact is outlined with a dashed square. You'll always know you're looking at the same target on every pass. Contacts are easy to export for smooth hand off to diver or ROV recovery teams.

Need a coverage map for your report? No problem. SAR HAWKTM automatically creates coverage maps superimposed over local satellite imagery when connected to the internet. In the map view, each contact is geographically located and denoted by an icon superimposed over the sonar mosaic. The coverage map allows for full resolution zooming so targets can be examined in the context of their surroundings. The sonar mosaic can be optimized by clipping out the turns and choosing which sonar images are displayed.

SAR HAWKTM Advantages

  • Built specifically for the Search and Rescue community
  • HIghly automated 
  • Supports target analysis, tracking and reporting
  • Contact reports include sonar snippets
  • Automatically creates sonar mosaic and brings in appropriate background imagery (must have internet connection)
  • Operator can manually remove turns and watercolumn from sonar mosaic
  • Supports smoothing of position, heading and altitude for better navigation
  • Supports export of results to a variety of formats or right to Google Earth
  • Supports the Humminbird® HELIX, HELIX MEGA, SOLIX and 800 through 1100 series data formats

SAR HAWKTM Compatible with Sonar EMILY

The SAR HAWKTM software is completely compatible with the both the Hydronalix sonar EMILY rescue vehicle equipped with the Humminbird®ION sonar and the new sonar EMILY sporting the Humminbird with a 1.2 megahertz transducer in a hull mounted configuration. SAR HAWKTMallows operators to hand data off to the command center for plotting search area coverage and post mission analysis while the search team keeps sonar EMILY in the search area.

" I can tell you that this software is lightyears ahead of other Humminbird sonar software. "      

Captain Steve Nagiewicz, Stockton University