News Release from Depoe Bay Fire Dist.

Gleneden Beach, September 10, 2015 - 

Depoe Bay Fire District responded to a report of 2 persons stranded in their boat in the Siletz Bay in Gleneden Beach. The two were anchored and had a mechanical issues that would not allow their boat to move. 

Depoe Bay Firefighters deployed a remote control EMILY which is an Emergency Integrated Lifesaving LanYard. The EMILY delivered a rope to the boat in distress and allowed firefighters to pull them safely to shore. 

Upon arriving at the shore one person was taken off the boat, while another person remained. Due to the rocky shore line, it was impossible for the boat to remain safely. Once again, Depoe Bay Firefighters deployed EMILY and towed the boat to a safe location where the remaining occupant was removed safely 

"the EMILY device allowed us to safely rescue these individuals without placing any of our responders in the water" explained Joshua Williams, Depoe Bay Fire Chief. "The area where these people were was not accessible to the US Coast Guard" 

Depoe Bay Firefighters were assisted by North Lincoln Fire and Rescue, who were staged across the bay and ready to assist. 

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